Marketing Is the Key to the Success of Your Business

Posted by: on Nov 8, 2010 | No Comments

Good accountants will look for all ways to save you tax, but just as important Sir Tax Accountants Camberley recognizes that you must drive the business forward through marketing.

If you are motivated to grow your business you must ‘work on, not in your business’. Key areas to focus on marketing your business follow:

• Successful business owners spend 60% of their time marketing their business. Every business should adopt a tag line similar to “Sir Tax Accountant Camberley are in the business of marketing and accountancy / tax planning services”.

• There are numerous approaches to marketing including: referrals from existing clients & associates; website (yours + free listings + Google local maps); mail shots; telephone marketing; directory adverts; networking; doing seminars / presentations; local newspaper / magazine adverts and PR; TV; radio; joint ventures; etc. What works for you inevitably is very much dependent on the type of business you operate.

• Postcards work well for start up businesses. They are easy to post and interested prospects may keep it for future reference. Thousands can be printed at very low cost. The more you deliver the more you sell. Use both sides or even offer the second side to an associate business. If you sell high value products/services deliver your advert to high value houses. Post between 5pm and 7pm if you want executives pick it up when returning home.

• Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful method of marketing and should not be ignored. Start by setting up a WordPress blog. Use for example to flow news posts down to a Facebook fan page, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to achieve maximum exposure at scheduled timeslots. Give useful information to prospects reading your blog to build trust that you are an expert in your field. Build relationships with friends/followers and, with patience, sales enquiries are likely to follow.

You must continuously market your business to grow your business.