Long Term Tax Planning – Isa Trend Investing

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Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) are vehicles for investments, usually in unit trusts or similar investments, which are free from income tax and capital gains tax.
ISA trend investing is intended to capitalise on the long term tax free growth of ISAs.
Top performing investments are selected based on a number of criteria such as long term fund / fund manager performance, in sectors that are predicted to have high growth. The objective is to select funds that will consistently outperform the World leading NASDAQ market.
The chosen funds are monitored based on the volume of professional investors buying or selling the fund. You follow the trend:
high volume of buyers early in a bull market suggests it is a good time to buy
high volume of sellers at the start of a bear market suggests it is time to sell.
This is where the majority of investors lose out – blindly staying invested for the long term hence losing the leverage of selling high in the market and buying back in when prices are low.
I know this through experience from the 2000-2003 bear market when I expreienced a big drop in my ISA fund value.

So on our 2009 summer holiday, when I read the book ‘Liquid Millionaire’ it did not take me long to make a decision to consolidate our investments and a large proportion of my pension under the guidance of Stephen Sutherland.
I have had quite a good track record of picking top performing funds but timing entry and exit from the market has always been a challenge.
Stephen Sutherland has got a fantastic track record of picking top performing funds as well as timing entry and exit from the market.
This has been verified in a challenging year since my initial investment, having achieved over 20% gain in less than one year and beating both the Nasdaq and FTSE100 markets by more than 10%.

A lump sum investment of £162k having 20% compound growth per year achieves millionaire status in 10 years. If you can also invest the maximum £10,200 per person ISA allowance each year, following the principal of ISA trend investing should put you on track for a comfortable retirement.
Please remember the value of investments can go down in value as well as up.