Should you Model your Business on The Queen ?

Posted by: on Jun 26, 2012 | No Comments

Now media coverage of the Queens Diamond Jubilee settles down it is good to reflect on what we can learn from the 60 year reign. The Queen represents a fantastic example of how you should run your business.

Firstly it is very clear that the Queen has a detailed plan that has been prepared months or even years in advance. The logistics involved in organising the 1000 boat Pageant on the Thames required meticulous planning. And the same goes for the faultless presentation of her other many engagements before and after the jubilee celebrations. Every business needs a plan with deadlines, and those deadlines mean you must achieve implementation which is the key to your success.

Clearly the organisation of these events requires the backing of a good team. Being crowned Queen at such a young age must have been a really frightening experience. Certainly I can remember how scary the first year in business was. You have to achieve sales to pay the bills. There is no better incentive than that. Business owners are well advised to make connections with experienced business associates who can help mitigate those initial challenges and indeed allow you to grow in future years.

In the accountancy professional each year we are required to follow programmes of continuing professional development. It is clear that the Queen knows who her customers are. By reading newspapers and relevant documents every day the queen is doing her continuing professional development so she can communicate to her target market in an informed manner. All businesses should do the same.

Fashions have changed dramatically over the last 60 years but The Queen has consistently presented a style and image that is recognised throughout the world. All businesses would benefit from consistently presenting their branding and message to their target market.

The Queen is respected and admired throughout the 54 commonwealth nations she represents, and indeed throughout the world. Her ability to continue to smile and wave at the attendees at the pageant on the River Thames while standing for several hours was amazing. Despite some difficult times over the years she has had the dedication and determination to continue to serve the nation. Any business owner who can emulate these characteristics will surely have a business to be proud of.

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