Welcome to the Sir Tax Accountants Camberley Blog

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The objective of this blog is to provide useful information to help small businesses grow and prosper.

Like all good accountancy practices we will always do our best to advise businesses how to save tax.
But just as important….
You need to implement strategies to increase business profits if you want to increase your wealth.

Marketing is crucial to the success of your business so we will regularly revisit this message.
For example:
What is the current trend in Social Media Marketing all about ?

My initial reaction was Facebook is only for kids,
having seen several case studies presenting success stories,
and viewing statistics for the huge audience (500 million plus) and to a lesser degree for Twitter, have come to the conclusion the potential opportunities are not to be ignored.

With regard to business tax

There are greater opportunities for tax savings within a Limited Company structure than a sole trade business. Some aspects of incorporating a sole trade business have become less attractive in recent years. To make to the extra administrative burden worthwhile we suggest this approach is most suitable for business owners who are motivated and committed to business growth.

Go For It………..